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It's time for better growth widgets for blogs

Frustrated with existing social growth website widgets? So was I, and that's why I built Wildfire Widgets — a no-code suite of growth widgets for professional marketing blogs.

Website widgets went from simple and helpful add-ons to flooding your visitors with pop-ups and annoying them to no end. Many are also privacy-invasive, taking advantage of your website visitors and contributing to the data grabbing machine for surveillance capitalism.

Wildfire Widgets is built for professional, marketing-oriented blog owners who want to grow their blogs without resorting to annoying visitors with pop-ups everywhere. You get increased engagement opportunities for your blog's visitors, while your visitors keep having a nice and enjoyable experience.

Here's what makes Wildfire Widgets a great add-on for your marketing blog to help add fuel to the fire and accelerate its growth:

Increase engagement with your blog posts

Simple, engaging design baked into all of our widgets will help you accelerate your blog's growth and increase the number of opportunities your visitors have to interact with your content. The widgets can help increase social validation, engagement, conversions, and ultimately grow your audience on your marketing blog, helping your content spread like wildfire.

Designed for professional blogs

Get more prospects, leads, and ultimately sales from your blog by reducing friction points and increasing the surface area from which your visitors can interact with your content. This purpose-driven design approach aids in ensuring that the effort and resources that you've poured into your blog delivers a return on investment for your business.

Complements, not obscures your content

People visiting your website have no time nor tolerance for being inundated with pop-ups and distractions — these turnoffs might overshadow your content, and could very well cause them to just leave without reading what you have to say. Content is, after all, king. Our widgets have been designed specifically for blogs, so they enhance the content experience instead of getting in the way of your visitors accessing and digesting your content.

“It's time for better growth widgets for blogs.”

Engage visitors on mobile

These days, at least half of your blog traffic is going to be viewed from a mobile device. This means that any widgets on that blog also needs to be designed to accommodate small screens (and fat thumbs). Which our widgets are — each widget takes into consideration the screen size available, and even mobile operating system or platform to serve up the most pleasant and functional experience possible on mobile devices.

Easy to install and set up

Wildfire Widgets is a no-code tool, so you'll find yourself getting up and running in no time at all, no website coding experience required. The dashboard is straightforward to work with and offers a multitude of options, and lets you set things up exactly how you want them, blending in seamlessly with your blog's design and color theme.

Privacy for you and your visitors

We only collect simple statistics we need to operate the widgets, such as number of times the widgets were loaded, number of upvotes, and number of shares through our widgets. All metrics measurements are carried out completely anonymously, with no extraneous or personal data collected from your visitors. There are no persistent identifiers. No cross-site or cross-device tracking either. Your site data is not used for any other purposes.

I hope you find Wildfire Widgets useful!

Guan (more about me here)

P.S. Wildfire Widgets is completely independent, self-funded, bootstrapped and debt-free. It employs the subscription business model rather than selling users' data. It's a sustainable project funded solely by the fees that subscribers pay.

Integrations Aplenty

From the blogging platform you're using, to the email and social network providers you want your blog to be connected to, chances are, we've probably got you covered. Simply get started now and you'll be all set up in no time at all.

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Why use Wildfire Widgets?

Existing social growth website widgets are distracting and annoying for your users. Wildfire Widgets is designed to not overshadow your content, but enhances and complements it, so you get even better results.

Augments your content.

Stop showing your users endless annoying and distracting pop-ups and banners. Our widgets are designed to go with the flow of your content.

Increase engagement.

Gives your readers more low-friction opportunities to engage with your marketing content to increase prospects, leads, sales and ultimately profit.

Designed for blogs.

Our widgets are designed to fit right into professional marketing blogs, and help them increase conversions, progress sales funnels and accelerate growth.


Our widgets are also designed to accommodate mobile devices, giving your readers the best widget experience possible, no matter the device they're on.

Easy to integrate.

Quick and simple to set up and integrate with popular blogging tools such as WordPress, Ghost, Webflow, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

Analytics overview.

Get a clear picture of how your widgets are doing in the dashboard with the Overview page, which displays your widget metrics in a chart view.

Matching themes.

With a configurable setting for every need, you'll be able to adapt each widget to exactly suit the design, colors, and overall theme of your blog.

Own your data.

Your site data will never be shared with or sold to any third-parties. It will never be monetized, mined or harvested for personal or behavioural trends.

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